New Necessities

Monohm's mission is to design and build products that gracefully combine form, function, and technology to afford you a more civilized relationship with your Digital Life.

Monohm is a small team of obsessed people working in Berkeley, California. In under a year, we designed, developed and prototyped Runcible, an entirely new class of mobile device, from the ground up.


Runcible is a new category of personal electronic which occupies a space between a traditional mobile phone and a wearable device. Featuring a first-of-its-kind fully round screen and a palm-sized form factor, Runcible is modeled on devices humans have carried around with them and loved for hundreds or thousands of years: the pocket watch, the compact, the compass, the magical stone in your hand.

Runcible is designed to help you create a more civilized relationship with your Digital Life. Runcible will never beep, alert, or otherwise interrupt you. The world-class connectivity we all came to expect in the smartphone era (LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth) is there on Runcible when you need it. For the rest of the time, you can keep your head up, your attention on the real world and real people around you, and maintain your sense of wonder about life. Just as the truth about time is available on a legacy timepiece, Runcible distills your Digital Life for you in clean, quiet, glanceable ways. Beautifully designed and built to last, Runcible is the premier device for the post-smartphone era.

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Positron: Get Creative

Positron is a unique HTML framework, tailored for creative people and rapid prototyping. The simple framework allows you to quickly create dynamic, view-based web applications and is perfectly suited for writing Faces for Runcible.

Download the Positron Preview »

Sensible: IoT Without The BS

Sensible is a simple, standards-based approach to implementing command and control interfaces across devices. This is an idea the W3C has begun to officially standardize and call the "Web of Things."

Watch Aubrey's video.

Download the Sensible Preview »


BuniOS is a flexible, low hassle alternative to the current smart device OS options out there today. Designed to support joyful development with grace and longevity, BuniOS is built on solid, well-supported, open source technologies like HTML5, WebSockets and JSON.

With BuniOS, Web applications and APKs run side by side as first class citizens with no discernible difference to the user. You are free to pick the approach that meets your specific purpose best. For web apps, Chrome provides world class frame rates and Web APIs build on top of a proven Chromium base layer. We have extended those APIs in BuniOS to give you unprecedented access to the underlying device.

Because we build on top of AOSP, BuniOS is also extremely portable. This just might be the web based environment you have been waiting for on devices. Get in touch if you want early access or just want to help!

Monohm In the Press

"Aubrey Anderson's offices are only 20 minutes' drive from San Francisco's Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, where Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone 7 last week. But both Mr Anderson's company, Monohm, and its first product might as well be 20 light years away."

How a Circular Smartphone Could Help Us Rethink Tech

"Is the Runcible 'anti-smartphone' a cure for what ails us?"

"...a tempting alternative for anyone worn down by the constant connections to work, friends, and strangers with strong opinions on the Internet"

"One of the most original devices being shown at the Mobile World Congress"

"Monohm's founders want it to be the anti-smartphone -- an outlier when every successful device to date closely mimics the original iPhone."

"Runcible has the potential to change global perception of mobile expectations."

"Runcible's timing feels right, coinciding as it does with a growing sense that we might be just a little too connected."

"Is it a clock? Is it a rock? It's a Runcible. That is the name of what might be the strangest-looking smartphone ever designed."